Review/Haul: Dark Hearts Design

**Update** Sadly I wrote this blog after the new year and completely forgot to upload it. =( So, I’m uploading it now and if you have any questions about the colors please just leave a comment. Also, the DarkHearts store has reopened onto store envy, so here is her new link

So today I received a much anticipated package from Dark Hearts Design. I’d link you to the website because it’s currently closed down but go like them on Facebook so you’ll be updated on the status of the store I first heard about them from @Triciafitz88 on twitter when she mentioned getting an order from them. Of course the name drew my attention, then it was the 50% sale they had during November, and I was finally sold by the adorable packaging (yes, I’m a package whore) and great colors. I only picked out a few things because I currently have so much make up and so much of it doesn’t get used. I placed my order a couple days before black Friday and was sure I’d receive my package with in just a few weeks, but unfortunately it took almost a month and a half to receive it. Since it took so long to receive it I didn’t even remember what I bought and since the store is shut down I can’t link you to the products. I actually had even forgotten about the order because it took three weeks to get an email about being behind on orders. So, I got some samplers of the gel liner/eye brighteners, two eye shadows, a sample of blush, and a liquid shimmer/glitter. I immediately fell in love with the colors.

When I first looked at the gel liner/eye light I was worried that they would smudge terribly. After I swatched them and took pictures I rubbed vigorously and they didn’t budge a bit, which made me happy. I absolutely adored the two eye shadows that I got and even did a new eye look as soon as I was done taking pictures. I haven’t worn make up since Christmas because of getting migraines that lasted till New Years eve and I’ve been feeling sick for the past two weeks but I just couldn’t help but get excited by seeing the colors. What’s even weirder was that it was a yellow color that excited me and I don’t think I’ve ever done a look with yellow.

My review of the company: I didn’t like that it took well over a month to receive my product, I didn’t like the lack of communications, or the excuse that she was working crazy hours at her job because of the holiday, which was why she was behind. HOWEVER, her products are quite amazing. Besides the cute packaging, which is so different from many of homemade cosmetic companies, the products are great in quality. The eyeshadow does not crease (with primer) and the gel liners, like I mentioned, were smudge proof. And although I haven’t ordered from her since I definitely plan on ordering again.

My entire order

Love the packaging

Love the packaging

Liquid shimmer/glitter~Minotaur’s Strength
Sorry it’s a bad picture but it’s a white gel in a glass bottle and it did not play well with the flash on my camera.






My two eye shadows
Vampire Heart on right
Carnival Queen on left

I used the Here Comes the Sun eye lighter and Carnival Queen on top.

I used the Here Comes the Sun eye light and Carnival Queen on top.

New look

I was sent a small cute sticker that I immediately put on the upper right corner of my planner.

I was sent a small cute sticker that I immediately put on the upper right corner of my planner.


Bzzagent: Glades addition

So, I got another great opportunity to try a couple of new Glade products for free.

I picked up the lavender & Juniper breeze air spray, which smells amazing, but didn’t last super long. Though the spray didn’t last very long, which sprays typically don’t last long anyway, and I really enjoyed the unique fresh scent.

Then I tried the pineapple & mangosteen in the oil diffuser and this smells amazing! It’s such a fresh, bright scent that filled my entire basement. It also lasts for a long time, I’m still using the original one that I bought.

I really loved both of these products because the scents are unique. Now I really wish I didn’t give out all my coupons to friends and family but they were so interested in trying them I had to give them out.

How did I get these for free? If you haven’t heard about bzzagent you must be hiding in a cave. It’s a great site where you fill out a profile and do surveys, so that you get invited to campaigns that best suite you. When you first start it can take a little while to get an invite but they will come! Most products you get to try are free. So go check them out

Review: Popsugar

A while back I watch a video  from Cora (VintageorTacky) about another new monthly subscription. This one is a bit different because it’s not just beauty products but different products the editors of Popsugar feel are must haves. This can range from must have foods, must have home, and must have fashion and those are just some of the categories. It’s also a bit more expensive at $35.00, though I was charged $37.89, but the value is around $100.00. I felt Cora describe this package perfectly calling it a care package. I know when I opened the box and saw the tea and cups and sweets it really felt like one. Below I will add pictures and the cost of each item. I also want to let anyone know that I was sent a $5.00 off coupon for friends to try Popsugar, so if you’d like to give it a try this would be an excellent code to use. Don’t worry about being roped into a subscription because even though it is reoccurring monthly subscription you can cancel at anytime online. The link and the code is referfriends and works for first time orders only.

The only problem I have with all monthly subscription is that they always come mid to end of the month. The problem for me is the items are often themed for that month. So, when you are receiving the package later into the month it doesn’t really help you if you’ve had plans or parties. For example, this month definitely seemed geared towards holiday parties with the $30.00 off rent off the run way site and the mini emergency kit.  I got this package while I was on vacation, so I’m not exactly sure when it came, but I know it was between the 18-22.  Even if I wasn’t on vacation I could not have order anything from the rental site and get it in time for Christmas. I’m not sure why they come out late but it seems like it would be simple to work a couple months ahead of time so that the December box would have been completed by mid November. This way you can send the boxes out over the next couple of weeks depending on how long it takes for that customer to receive the package. I mean, tons of industries work like this because who wants to have to wait to buy a swimsuit till August? No one! Fashion comes out months ahead so you can prepare. Another problem is that some of the products I got would have made great Christmas gifts but it was impossible to order in time for Christmas.

So total value of this box to me was $76.98 because I don’t include those dollar off “gift certificates” because usually it’s a site that doesn’t have a whole lot to offer for me. If you loves those kind of things then the box has a $106.98! Maybe I’ll turn it in for a bracelet that I can wear while doing laundry lol.

Front of the package

Front of the package


Handblown Muges the set retails for $30.00 for the 10oz. mugs $15.00 This cute kit is claimed to have 52 solutions packed into the adorable bag.

This includes hairspray, mini sewing kit, chapstick, tampon, stain remover, safety pins, deodorant towel, earring backs, clear nail polish, make up remover towel, breath drops, polish remover, double sided tape, tooth picks, and band aid. Another great thing is the site just started selling refill sets for your bag. $3.99. These delicious sticks melt so quickly. $12.00 These teas are really good and really cute!


Just had to show you how adorable the packaging is.



So this “gift certificate” is for $30.00 off a rental from their site. Because I didn’t get till later in December it was past all the big holiday parties =( Also, if you’re plus size don’t bother unless you want to borrow jewelry or a purse because their largest was 12 I believe.) So, I won’t be using this code.

P1080733 $14.00 I didn’t care for the scent but it left my skin feeling extremely soft and the scent didn’t linger. These soaps are made with antiaging argan oil, soothing oatmeal, and vitamin rich shea butter. There is also honey which adds antioxidant powers and vanilla bean that is a light exfoliant.

P1080737 $1.99 These wipes get the toughest smudges off my laptop, phone, and camera screen. They not only get the smudges off but they also up to 98% of the germs and bacteria. Plus they’re extremely cheap and I think they would make great stocking stuffers for next Christmas because they have a ton of different designs.

Bzz Agent: Mejier mounted photo

I really hate to give a negative review but I must be honest and unfortunately I did not think this product was worth the price. Through bzzagent I was given a coupon to try a free mounted picture frame from Meijer.

All the photo is, is a regular photo that is pasted onto a foam base surrounded by thin easily scratched metal. The picture was not flush with the frame and some of the sides were sticking over. Plus the frame was scratched and the sides were not even with some sticking over. This frame costs almost $9.00 at Meijer, but if you even had an ounce of craftiness you could easily make this yourself for a lot less and make it look a lot nicer.

I will say that I think that they had other nicer projects for their photos but I don’t think the mounted picture is worth it. Also I did receive good customer service. They did what they could to fix the edges of the photo that stuck over. Unfortunately it just scratched up the sides even more. I’m still thankful to be given the chance to try to product for free but I must give an honest review of it.


I used this picture of my step dog cookie because I had taken her on her first doggie cruise. Mercury Cruise line does a special doggie only cruise on Sunday mornings.

I used this picture of my step dog Cookie because I had taken her on her first doggie cruise, which I had won tickets on Facebook. Mercury Cruise line does a special doggie only cruise on Sunday mornings.


I did think the back was interesting with the options it gives you for displaying the picture

I did think the back was interesting with the options it gives you for displaying the picture

You can really see the uneven sides from the metal frame. It's sticking out and so is the glue.

You can really see the uneven sides from the metal frame. It’s sticking out and so is the glue.

It's kind of difficult to tell because I had a hard time with the flash, but the sides are really scratched up.

It’s kind of difficult to tell because I had a hard time with the flash, but the sides are really scratched up.







Not for Doc’s eyes

I love this time of year! I love the music, movies, decorations, buying gifts, giving gifts, wrapping gifts, parties, baking, and all the different traditions. As I’m writing this I have my fully decorated, lit Christmas tree next to me with a Christmas scented candle burning and Christmas movie in the background. I feel like I need to make a cup of coco to complete this holiday picture, but enough of that.

I got a package in the mail today that I have been waiting forever for. My boyfriend Doc is terrible about updating his amazon wish list, which is an amazing tool if you add their “add from any site” wishlist tool bar, and couldn’t find anything decent on it. So, I told him it’s his fault if he doesn’t like his gift though I think that I found something on Sephora that most men, at least ones that grow facial hair, would appreciate.

It’s called the Finest Shave kit and comes with seven decently sized samples of highly rated products. The package is quite manly with a leather case looking box (I do wish they would have left off all the Sephora branding). The products come in a sturdy slide out drawer and the back of the box flips open. When you open in it they have a white sealed envelope that has the product booklet and certificate, which you can apparently turn it in for favorite  full sized product from the kit. I do not want to open the envelope, but I do hope the certificated either doesn’t have an expiration date or that you have a year to turn it in. Just because I know Doc is, as many men are, growing in his winter beard. So I know most of the products won’t get fully tested for a while.

I felt you got a lot with the kit and it cost $25.00 and was considered a $65.00 value. What I also did was made one of my free samples another shaving item. That day they had Jack Black – Supreme Triple cushion shave lather available, so I snapped that up.

Products in no particular order
1. Anthony Logistics for Men – advanced formula lip balm SPF 25 3.5 g/ 0.25oz
2. The Art of Shaving – shave cream sandalwood 30 ml/1 fl oz
3. Lab Series Skincare for Men – maximum comfort shave cream 30 ml/1 fl oz
4. Anthony Logistics for Men – shave cream 59 ml/2 fl 0z
5. Clinique Skin Series for Men – face scrub 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz
6. Jack Black – beard lube conditioning shave 30 ml/ 1 fl oz
7. Shaveworks – the cool fix 29 ml/ 1 fl oz

I was a very naughty girl and bought myself a rather large item. I’m terrible at buying myself gifts when I’m shopping for others! Little Miss Cora talked me into the Tarte holiday set. Not really but I loved her review of it, which is surprising that it excited me because I felt the few products I’ve gotten from them were terrible. (I’ll go into that some other time since this will be a long blog on its own) I can already tell that I love the packaging and I think it’ll make a great carrying case when I travel. There are tons of great reviews and pictures so I don’t really feel the need to do a review since so many have. But if you’re interested in hearing my opinion I’ll share. Of course I’ll do a review if I feel what I have to share is very different from other reviews.

Oh and you may have noticed I changed my name and will try to talk about that in the next blog I made.

Thank you for your time!


I feel like I’d waste my breath if I apologized for being gone for so long. I’m sure it’ll happen again. I go through periods where I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about. Or when I do I just don’t have the time to sit down and type it out and take pictures. I go to school full time and work, so I really only have one day off a week and that is usually filled with errands, chores, or spending time with my man. That one day off definitely doesn’t feel like enough to get everything done. So anyway I’ve been building up some interesting topics I wanted to talk about that range from reviews on website like hautelook and justfab to product reviews. I even thought about doing posts revolving around pinterest, which is a site I’ve become mucho obsessed with.

This time, however, I’d like to talk about this interesting new site called bzz that I heard about from Auttyw. On the site you fill out surveys and they try to match you up with certain campaigns. For instance since I have a Keurig (that I awesomely won at a cancer charity bowl called Boobie Bowl….great name, huh?) I was able to try a new product from Green Mountain Coffee. It’s called the wellness collection and has an antioxidant blend that includes vitamin C and E and a focus blend that includes 50mg of L-Theanine. I was super excited to finally get invited on a campaign and eagerly jumped at it, but then worried about having to give it a bad review. I’ve had this Keurig since April and haven’t been able to find a coffee that I actually like. I’ve even tried Green Mountain and didn’t like it. I’ve found plenty of tea! But with coffee it always came out lukewarm and quite bitter. I almost wish there was a temperature setting but at least on my model there isn’t one.

Product description
Antioxidant blend
A healthy choice doesn’t have to be a hard decision between what’s good, and what’s good for you. Your coffee can be both deeply satisfying and a good source of antioxidant vitamins C and E in every 8FL. Oz serving.

Focus blend
….is a rich well-balanced brew with 50mg of L-Theanine in every 8fl, oz serving. It’s an inspirational blend that zeros in on the things that matter most.

I cautiously tried the focus blend first since I’ve been having a real hard time focusing on my school work, which I wasn’t happy about. So, I popped in a focus blend and was extremely shocked at what happened next. It came out extremely warm and had a nice strong scent that bought back childhood memories of when my dad used to make his coffee and let me have a sip, which is probably not one of the best things you can get a child hooked on. I took a sip and was so happy with the taste I could believe it. I really have spent quite a bit and tried so many different brands and tried adding so many different things to get the coffee to taste good. I only added my normal non-dairy creamer and sugar and it was just fine. Now did this give me extra focus? I would say that I felt more alert and focused while drinking it, but I do notice that drinking coffee in general gives me that alert feeling because of the caffeine. I do know that I’ll definitely buy it again just because it’s the first coffee to taste soooo good.

Now the antioxidant really didn’t taste good to me. It wasn’t just that it had a slight bitter taste but I felt that the taste overall seemed a little off. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the L-theamine or not, but it’s one I probably won’t buy unless it comes packaged with the focus blend. Though I will try it again since I did use a different milk product that is new to me.

I loved the package I received from bzzagent. They really sent a lot of product which I liked because I was able to try it a few times and get a feel for it. I got three boxes and they had two of the focus blend and the antioxidant blend with tons of coupons. Each box came with a $3 off coupon plus they threw in four additional coupons. I don’t even need to use up all three boxes to decide that this is definitely a great product. So, if anyone is interested in trying it out I would be willing to send out one box along with additional coupons. ** Coupons are valid on Green Mountain Coffee’s website only!** Now you can only use this if you have a keurig that uses K cups. If anyone is interested I’ll take the first person to request it. If I don’t hear from anyone in a few weeks I’ll just finish drinking it myself =D

Interested in checking out bzzagent for yourself? Follow the link or do a google search for it. If you have any questions feel free to ask =D I will probably do a post about the entire bzzagent website.

Spring VoxBox

Hey everyone,

Yes, I know its been a while. But school and work and school can make it difficult.  School is my main focus, so I’m sure it’ll happen again. I’ll apologize for it now…..Sorry.  So why am I finally writing?  I was sent a voxbox and am so excited by it that I decided to finally sit down to write a blog.  I don’t know why but when people review packages they always describe the package it came in. Why? I don’t care what it was mailed in! In case I’m weird and you guys care I’ll go into the description of the box………It’s white.


I received Sheer Coverage, which I already received from myglam, and for the most part I think this is a great product. Sheer coverage comes in two shades, which is great, because you can use this product during those tan summers and pale winters. It’s a light formula that seems to add a bit of moisture to the skin without being oily. I love using this all over on my face for old acne and chicken pox scars, and it works great for redness. The only place I can’t use this is under my eyes. This, for me, causes MEGA creases.


I was really excited to see the Salon Effects- Real Nail Polish Strips.  I’ve used these kinds of strips before, but not from Sally Hansen. They are a super cute leopard print with a bit of shimmer.   I have not used them yet because I just cut my nails really short to use the glue on nails.  As soon as I’ve worn through the glue on nails and my real nails have grown out I’ll be using these.


The Aveeno daily moisturizing body wash has a great light and refreshing smell.  It leaves your skin soft and moisturized without leaving any kind of residue.


Dr. Scholl’s for Her Ball of Foot cushions are a must for any girl. These make wearing heels so much more comfortable.  I’ve used these before, they are easy to put in and do not shift or peel off while wearing them.


The Chap Stick Lip Shield is a must especially with the hot summer months coming.  This product should be in every girls’ purse and guys’ pocket!


The product that surprised me the most was the Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea body spray.  Again, I’ve owned this product before and love it. It has a light and sweet fragrance that lasts.


I really enjoyed receiving this box and getting to try the products even if I’ve tried them before.  Plus it’s always cool to receive products for free. It doesn’t take long to set up a profile with Influenster, I would advise every to check out their site and fill out a profile!