As some of you know I started to get sick on Monday. Tuesday was when it really hit me. I woke up with a terrible migraine and horrible sinus infection. Well it was a difficult week, but I’m starting to finally feel more human. As much as I hated to get sick I’m glad it happened when it did. Just this past weekend my b.f. and I were at a beautiful wedding and had a really nice room at the Hilton. We pampered ourselves a bit by staying in bathrobes most of the visit  and ordering room services. We also spent most of Monday at the beautiful down town area of Naperville, IL. So I’m really glad the infection waited till Tuesday to really hit, because I would have been so disappointed if I was sick at the wedding and our day out. We had been looking forward to this weekend. Both of us have been stressed by work and school and it was much needed.
Since I started feeling human today I decided to pamper myself a bit. I started off by putting on a Freeman Clay Mask with Avocado and Oatmeal, and drank a couple hot cups of Adagio Forest Berries tea. I also took care of my poor chipping nails by taking off some old nail polish with this interesting nail polish remover I picked up while in China Town and used some Sally Hanson Continuous Hardening Treatment. When the mask finally dried I used this interesting compress veil, it is a soft but durable disposable towel, which I picked up at China Town (I’ll show you some pictures below). I first used it on my face for a few minutes to moisten the mask so it would be easier to take off. Then I used to help rub off the mask which felt great. Since my clay masks tend to leave a bit of grime behind I thought I’d use the compress veil to help clean out the sink. That little piece of towel paper certainly came in handy.
So I’m just a little curious. What are some of the things you guys do when you’re sick to make you feel human again?

Supplies used

Compress veil comes in a hard round pellet. It’s like the wash clothes you can buy at the dollar store.

The compress veil after soaking in water


2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. I wish there was a china town type place near me! They always see,s to have some really interesting things that I would LOVE to try! As for what I do when I’m sick. I don’t do anything special honestly. Guess I should try something the next time I get sick!

  2. I used to suffer from a lot of sinus infections and I get a lot of migraines. So over the years I came up with little things that help make me feel better. China town is awesome. I think everyone should leave near one. They have the best food and really interesting finds. I was going to do a little haul of what I got, but then got sick. Maybe I’ll work on one when I take a break from homework.

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