Spring VoxBox

Hey everyone,

Yes, I know its been a while. But school and work and school can make it difficult.  School is my main focus, so I’m sure it’ll happen again. I’ll apologize for it now…..Sorry.  So why am I finally writing?  I was sent a voxbox and am so excited by it that I decided to finally sit down to write a blog.  I don’t know why but when people review packages they always describe the package it came in. Why? I don’t care what it was mailed in! In case I’m weird and you guys care I’ll go into the description of the box………It’s white.


I received Sheer Coverage, which I already received from myglam, and for the most part I think this is a great product. Sheer coverage comes in two shades, which is great, because you can use this product during those tan summers and pale winters. It’s a light formula that seems to add a bit of moisture to the skin without being oily. I love using this all over on my face for old acne and chicken pox scars, and it works great for redness. The only place I can’t use this is under my eyes. This, for me, causes MEGA creases.


I was really excited to see the Salon Effects- Real Nail Polish Strips.  I’ve used these kinds of strips before, but not from Sally Hansen. They are a super cute leopard print with a bit of shimmer.   I have not used them yet because I just cut my nails really short to use the glue on nails.  As soon as I’ve worn through the glue on nails and my real nails have grown out I’ll be using these.


The Aveeno daily moisturizing body wash has a great light and refreshing smell.  It leaves your skin soft and moisturized without leaving any kind of residue.


Dr. Scholl’s for Her Ball of Foot cushions are a must for any girl. These make wearing heels so much more comfortable.  I’ve used these before, they are easy to put in and do not shift or peel off while wearing them.


The Chap Stick Lip Shield is a must especially with the hot summer months coming.  This product should be in every girls’ purse and guys’ pocket!


The product that surprised me the most was the Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea body spray.  Again, I’ve owned this product before and love it. It has a light and sweet fragrance that lasts.


I really enjoyed receiving this box and getting to try the products even if I’ve tried them before.  Plus it’s always cool to receive products for free. It doesn’t take long to set up a profile with Influenster, I would advise every to check out their site and fill out a profile!



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