Not for Doc’s eyes

I love this time of year! I love the music, movies, decorations, buying gifts, giving gifts, wrapping gifts, parties, baking, and all the different traditions. As I’m writing this I have my fully decorated, lit Christmas tree next to me with a Christmas scented candle burning and Christmas movie in the background. I feel like I need to make a cup of coco to complete this holiday picture, but enough of that.

I got a package in the mail today that I have been waiting forever for. My boyfriend Doc is terrible about updating his amazon wish list, which is an amazing tool if you add their “add from any site” wishlist tool bar, and couldn’t find anything decent on it. So, I told him it’s his fault if he doesn’t like his gift though I think that I found something on Sephora that most men, at least ones that grow facial hair, would appreciate.

It’s called the Finest Shave kit and comes with seven decently sized samples of highly rated products. The package is quite manly with a leather case looking box (I do wish they would have left off all the Sephora branding). The products come in a sturdy slide out drawer and the back of the box flips open. When you open in it they have a white sealed envelope that has the product booklet and certificate, which you can apparently turn it in for favorite  full sized product from the kit. I do not want to open the envelope, but I do hope the certificated either doesn’t have an expiration date or that you have a year to turn it in. Just because I know Doc is, as many men are, growing in his winter beard. So I know most of the products won’t get fully tested for a while.

I felt you got a lot with the kit and it cost $25.00 and was considered a $65.00 value. What I also did was made one of my free samples another shaving item. That day they had Jack Black – Supreme Triple cushion shave lather available, so I snapped that up.

Products in no particular order
1. Anthony Logistics for Men – advanced formula lip balm SPF 25 3.5 g/ 0.25oz
2. The Art of Shaving – shave cream sandalwood 30 ml/1 fl oz
3. Lab Series Skincare for Men – maximum comfort shave cream 30 ml/1 fl oz
4. Anthony Logistics for Men – shave cream 59 ml/2 fl 0z
5. Clinique Skin Series for Men – face scrub 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz
6. Jack Black – beard lube conditioning shave 30 ml/ 1 fl oz
7. Shaveworks – the cool fix 29 ml/ 1 fl oz

I was a very naughty girl and bought myself a rather large item. I’m terrible at buying myself gifts when I’m shopping for others! Little Miss Cora talked me into the Tarte holiday set. Not really but I loved her review of it, which is surprising that it excited me because I felt the few products I’ve gotten from them were terrible. (I’ll go into that some other time since this will be a long blog on its own) I can already tell that I love the packaging and I think it’ll make a great carrying case when I travel. There are tons of great reviews and pictures so I don’t really feel the need to do a review since so many have. But if you’re interested in hearing my opinion I’ll share. Of course I’ll do a review if I feel what I have to share is very different from other reviews.

Oh and you may have noticed I changed my name and will try to talk about that in the next blog I made.

Thank you for your time!


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