I’m 28 and live in the Chicagoland area. I am a full-time student, and I currently work part-time at one of Chicago’s most visited attractions. I’m far from a professional, but I just love talking about and playing with make up. For a bit more information please check out my introduction post.

Style– (I really don’t have a “style”. So I’m just going to list off things I love love love to wear.) Chains, big earrings, dangling earrings, dark eye make up, jeans, boots, high heels, hoodies, vintage jewelry, hats, crazy colorful ankle socks, bangles, false lashes, big sunglasses, cocktail rings, feathers, colored hair clips (just can’t bring myself to dye my hair crazy colors; plus I’d lose my job),

Hobbies– Collecting vintage cameras, photography, college (yes college is kind of a hobby for me because I love almost all my classes and enjoy being there), movies/reading (horror, suspense, drama, documentary, comedy), spending time with my pets, watching MUAs on youtube, traveling, thrifting, re-purposing, hanging out in Chicago, going to museums, live music, flea markets, cuddling up on the couch with my man Doc, long pointless drives, daydreaming, doing my make up (of course)




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