Review/Haul: Dark Hearts Design

**Update** Sadly I wrote this blog after the new year and completely forgot to upload it. =( So, I’m uploading it now and if you have any questions about the colors please just leave a comment. Also, the DarkHearts store has reopened onto store envy, so here is her new link

So today I received a much anticipated package from Dark Hearts Design. I’d link you to the website because it’s currently closed down but go like them on Facebook so you’ll be updated on the status of the store I first heard about them from @Triciafitz88 on twitter when she mentioned getting an order from them. Of course the name drew my attention, then it was the 50% sale they had during November, and I was finally sold by the adorable packaging (yes, I’m a package whore) and great colors. I only picked out a few things because I currently have so much make up and so much of it doesn’t get used. I placed my order a couple days before black Friday and was sure I’d receive my package with in just a few weeks, but unfortunately it took almost a month and a half to receive it. Since it took so long to receive it I didn’t even remember what I bought and since the store is shut down I can’t link you to the products. I actually had even forgotten about the order because it took three weeks to get an email about being behind on orders. So, I got some samplers of the gel liner/eye brighteners, two eye shadows, a sample of blush, and a liquid shimmer/glitter. I immediately fell in love with the colors.

When I first looked at the gel liner/eye light I was worried that they would smudge terribly. After I swatched them and took pictures I rubbed vigorously and they didn’t budge a bit, which made me happy. I absolutely adored the two eye shadows that I got and even did a new eye look as soon as I was done taking pictures. I haven’t worn make up since Christmas because of getting migraines that lasted till New Years eve and I’ve been feeling sick for the past two weeks but I just couldn’t help but get excited by seeing the colors. What’s even weirder was that it was a yellow color that excited me and I don’t think I’ve ever done a look with yellow.

My review of the company: I didn’t like that it took well over a month to receive my product, I didn’t like the lack of communications, or the excuse that she was working crazy hours at her job because of the holiday, which was why she was behind. HOWEVER, her products are quite amazing. Besides the cute packaging, which is so different from many of homemade cosmetic companies, the products are great in quality. The eyeshadow does not crease (with primer) and the gel liners, like I mentioned, were smudge proof. And although I haven’t ordered from her since I definitely plan on ordering again.

My entire order

Love the packaging

Love the packaging

Liquid shimmer/glitter~Minotaur’s Strength
Sorry it’s a bad picture but it’s a white gel in a glass bottle and it did not play well with the flash on my camera.






My two eye shadows
Vampire Heart on right
Carnival Queen on left

I used the Here Comes the Sun eye lighter and Carnival Queen on top.

I used the Here Comes the Sun eye light and Carnival Queen on top.

New look

I was sent a small cute sticker that I immediately put on the upper right corner of my planner.

I was sent a small cute sticker that I immediately put on the upper right corner of my planner.


Bzzagent: Glades addition

So, I got another great opportunity to try a couple of new Glade products for free.

I picked up the lavender & Juniper breeze air spray, which smells amazing, but didn’t last super long. Though the spray didn’t last very long, which sprays typically don’t last long anyway, and I really enjoyed the unique fresh scent.

Then I tried the pineapple & mangosteen in the oil diffuser and this smells amazing! It’s such a fresh, bright scent that filled my entire basement. It also lasts for a long time, I’m still using the original one that I bought.

I really loved both of these products because the scents are unique. Now I really wish I didn’t give out all my coupons to friends and family but they were so interested in trying them I had to give them out.

How did I get these for free? If you haven’t heard about bzzagent you must be hiding in a cave. It’s a great site where you fill out a profile and do surveys, so that you get invited to campaigns that best suite you. When you first start it can take a little while to get an invite but they will come! Most products you get to try are free. So go check them out

<3 Introduction <3

I’m 29 (ugh almost 30) and live in the Chicagoland area. I am a full-time student, and I currently work part-time at one of Chicago’s most visited attractions. I’m far from a professional, but I just love playing with make-up and talking about it. I first started this blog under the name beauty by msdarkmetal, but I quickly found that the title just doesn’t work well for me. As I mention I don’t work often, which means, I don’t shop often. I’m finding it hard to keep up with a beauty blog when I don’t jump on the new craze bandwagon till much later, don’t shop often, go through long periods where I don’t where make up, and frankly I’m sick of buying a crap ton of make up that I don’t use. Plus, I tend to be all over the place with my hobbies. So, I believe this blog is in a desperate need of a change of direction. This is why I changed the name to randomness by msdarkmetal because I feel it will fit with the direction of blog.

So what do I plan on doing with my blog? Well, I’ve become quite into pinterests and would love to share my board of I don’t just pin it, I do it. Along with the success and failures I’ve had with various items I’ve tried on pinterest. I’m also a big thrifter and am interested in doing more vintage/clothing/thrifting hauls.

If this is something you are not interested in I won’t be offended if you unsubscribe and I thank you for following me. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please feel free to email me, leave a comment, or subscribe.


F.A.Q.’s –made up by moi
How long have you been into makeup?
I’ve been wearing make-up since I was in high school, but didn’t get super obsessed till about two years ago.

What is your style?
I’m not a high fashion person. I don’t follow the trends. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in. My make-up looks have quite a bit of color, but are on the darker side. I do love color and use a lot of purples, blues, hot pinks, golds, and greens.

What are you hoping to accomplish by this?
-Well, self, that’s a good question. I always thought it would be fun to get involved in blogs and youtube, even if I only connect with a few people. I’m not aiming to have 200,000 subscribers or anything. I just want to share knowledge and experiences I’ve had since playing around with make-up, and hopefully meet some really cool people.

What inspired you?
-I didn’t use youtube much unless I was looking for music videos. Then one year my boyfriend and I went to a Zombie Prom and I was massively disappointed in the “professional” make-up job I received. So I was determined to learn how to do some easy FX make-up. I then discovered a whole community/world of make-up on youtube. Ever since then I became even more obsessed with make-up and have learned so much. Besides youtube I’m constantly inspired by pinterest and beauty bloggers.

Who do you follow on youtube?
I’m always looking for new and interesting people who have a unique look or different advice. Below are the following people who looks are unique and offer a lot of great advice.

The unique Heather
The lovely Cora
The bitchtastic Petrilude whose name I believe is Josh
The knowledgeable Emily
Last but not least the amazing Angie

WARNINGS I am extremely sarcastic and may use strong words.

*Chicagoland- People from the North, West, and South suburbs who don’t really live in the city, but they want you to think they live really friggin’ close. Hell that term is even used by folks who live in NWI.