Haul: Mini lipstick Haul

So while shopping today at Jewel* for the big snow storm, which I’m sure will turn into nothing, I came across a nice Wet n Wild sale. They had the entire line was 40%, but since I’m trying to use up my eye shadow I decided to look at their lip products. As usual it’s fairly cheap feeling package that I came to expect from Wet n Wild and I don’t care. As long as it’s good quality I will forgo nice packaging. The only thing that is a bit different is the lids, which are extremely tight and almost hard to get off. The super tight lids have made me ding my lipstick just a bit, but oh well the lipsticks are worth it. They are very creamy and both have a nice intense color. Sorry I can’t tell you how long these last. When I do wear lipstick it’s not for long, because I’m always drinking water and my boyfriend won’t kiss me with anything on my lips. Not that I blame him. I also finally picked up one of the Milani lip flashes which I have been looking at forever. They were also 20% off today at Jewel. I just had to pick up 06 Flashy because that is the one that has always jumped out at me. Though I believe I tend to wear a more dramatic eye makeup than most people I usually don’t wear much on my lips. So I’ll be saving this for a girls night out or concert.


Wet n Wild- 915B Spiked with Rum, which is a nice low gloss (almost matte) muddy red.

Top is 915B Bottom is 919B

Wet n Wild- 919B Vamp it up that is such an intense dark purple it looks almost black.

Milani lip flash – 06 Flashy It is a much more vibrant pink, but my camera is washing it out making it look like a baby pearl pink. It’s a nice hot pink with pink glitter.

Milani Lip Flash in 06 Flashy

*Jewel is a popular grocery chain in the midwest just  in case you didn’t know