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Review: Popsugar

A while back I watch a video  from Cora (VintageorTacky) about another new monthly subscription. This one is a bit different because it’s not just beauty products but different products the editors of Popsugar feel are must haves. This can range from must have foods, must have home, and must have fashion and those are just some of the categories. It’s also a bit more expensive at $35.00, though I was charged $37.89, but the value is around $100.00. I felt Cora describe this package perfectly calling it a care package. I know when I opened the box and saw the tea and cups and sweets it really felt like one. Below I will add pictures and the cost of each item. I also want to let anyone know that I was sent a $5.00 off coupon for friends to try Popsugar, so if you’d like to give it a try this would be an excellent code to use. Don’t worry about being roped into a subscription because even though it is reoccurring monthly subscription you can cancel at anytime online. The link  http://popsu.gr/KlQ and the code is referfriends and works for first time orders only.

The only problem I have with all monthly subscription is that they always come mid to end of the month. The problem for me is the items are often themed for that month. So, when you are receiving the package later into the month it doesn’t really help you if you’ve had plans or parties. For example, this month definitely seemed geared towards holiday parties with the $30.00 off rent off the run way site and the mini emergency kit.  I got this package while I was on vacation, so I’m not exactly sure when it came, but I know it was between the 18-22.  Even if I wasn’t on vacation I could not have order anything from the rental site and get it in time for Christmas. I’m not sure why they come out late but it seems like it would be simple to work a couple months ahead of time so that the December box would have been completed by mid November. This way you can send the boxes out over the next couple of weeks depending on how long it takes for that customer to receive the package. I mean, tons of industries work like this because who wants to have to wait to buy a swimsuit till August? No one! Fashion comes out months ahead so you can prepare. Another problem is that some of the products I got would have made great Christmas gifts but it was impossible to order in time for Christmas.

So total value of this box to me was $76.98 because I don’t include those dollar off “gift certificates” because usually it’s a site that doesn’t have a whole lot to offer for me. If you loves those kind of things then the box has a $106.98! Maybe I’ll turn it in for a bracelet that I can wear while doing laundry lol.

Front of the package

Front of the package


Handblown Muges the set retails for $30.00 for the 10oz. mugs www.bodum.com

www.pinchprovisions.com $15.00 This cute kit is claimed to have 52 solutions packed into the adorable bag.

This includes hairspray, mini sewing kit, chapstick, tampon, stain remover, safety pins, deodorant towel, earring backs, clear nail polish, make up remover towel, breath drops, polish remover, double sided tape, tooth picks, and band aid. Another great thing is the site just started selling refill sets for your bag.

www.bogonschocolates.com $3.99. These delicious sticks melt so quickly.

www.teaforte.com $12.00 These teas are really good and really cute!


Just had to show you how adorable the packaging is.



So this “gift certificate” is for $30.00 off a rental from their site. Because I didn’t get till later in December it was past all the big holiday parties =( Also, if you’re plus size don’t bother unless you want to borrow jewelry or a purse because their largest was 12 I believe.) So, I won’t be using this code.


www.marianellasoap.com $14.00 I didn’t care for the scent but it left my skin feeling extremely soft and the scent didn’t linger. These soaps are made with antiaging argan oil, soothing oatmeal, and vitamin rich shea butter. There is also honey which adds antioxidant powers and vanilla bean that is a light exfoliant.


www.goswype.com $1.99 These wipes get the toughest smudges off my laptop, phone, and camera screen. They not only get the smudges off but they also up to 98% of the germs and bacteria. Plus they’re extremely cheap and I think they would make great stocking stuffers for next Christmas because they have a ton of different designs.